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Jonesh Shrestha
Software Engineer

Featured Projects

Advanced Evolution Simulator

Advanced Evolution Simulator

A simulation of bipedals that try to learn to walk as humans.

Backroads App Thumbnail

Backroads App

Travel service website with ReactJS.

Evolution Simulator Thumbnail

Evolution Simulator

JavaScript simulator for evolving artificial creatures with Tensorflow.js.

Kantipur App Thumbnail

Kantipur App

Latest ad-free news from Kantipur & The Kathmandu Post.

OMGSounboard Thumbnail


Android Soundboard website with Material Design and finest tunes.

Instructor HQ Thumbnail

High Fidelity Wireframe

Instructor HQ website UX wireframes designed with Adobe tools.

Other Projects

  1. Quick Sort Visualization
  2. Perlin Noise
  3. KURA (Kathmandu University Requests and Answers)
  4. KU (Kathmandu University) BOT
  5. Drum Kit
  6. Facebook Phishing Site
  7. Simon Game
  8. iOS App Development