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Jonesh Shrestha
Software Engineer

From Data Wizardry to Frontend Maestro: Unraveling the Adventures of a Software Sorcerer!

Join me on a rollercoaster ride through my professional journey - where I danced between Data Engineering and Web Development, now on a Thrilling Quest to Master the Art of Frontend Magic!

Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Software Engineer: Developed scripts, implemented clients, ETL, supported teams.

Kathmandu University

Machine Learning Researcher: Nepali image captioning using CNN and Transformer, optimizing accuracy.

Thoplo Technology Pvt. Ltd

Frontend Developer: Crafted bilingual website, excelling in transliteration and Vanilla JavaScript conversions.

Leapfrog Technology, Inc.

Software Engineer: Crafted TuTangle and Traveler websites, adept in Vanilla JavaScript web apps.


Startup Intern: Social media engagement, game development, mobile app prototypes.

LIS Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Business Intelligence Developer: Retail analytics solutions, SQL, ODI, Power BI, MicroStrategy reporting.


Freelancer: Created user-friendly web apps, tracked code changes with version control.